The ISEPR Foundation prepared the first issue of “Rating of Political Parties” of the first quarter of 2015

The ISEPR Foundation has launched a new monthly edition «Historian. Magazine about the relevant past»

The ISEPR Foundation’s mission is to promote the development of higher principles and standards in regards to the professional analytical support provided to local experts and authorities and their strategic management decisions

The Foundation is willing to collaborate with the public authorities of all levels, political parties, social movements, nongovernmental organizations, research centers and think tanks, business associations and civic activists.

The grand purpose of the Foundation is interaction with all of the actors of political process who dedicate to high standards of research and analysis and are ready for civilized public debate on the matters of public concern.

Fields of work The ISEPR Foundation:

  • provides effective involvement of scientific-and-expert expertise to solve the most pressing problems of the country;
  • develops mechanisms of communication between science, expert community, civil society, the government and the media with consideration of specific political, legal, socio-cultural features of Russia;
  • implements and supports research projects in the field of public administration, reforms of particular management systems, areas and fields;
  • organizes independent monitoring of implementation of adopted strategical decisions and certain aspects of reforms in social and political spheres;
  • initiates professional discussion on key issues of the development of the Russian society and state;
  • models scientifically proven initiatives of conceptual, doctrinal and programmatic nature;
  • conducts publishing and educational activities.