Expert discussion of the ISEPR Foundation’s analytical report


Expert discussion of the ISEPRs analytical report «The Direct Election of Governors and Collection System of the Municipal Signatures in 2012: impact on the development of political system and the directions of improvement»

Expert discussion of the report took place at the ISEPR Foundations office. Leading Russian political scientists, spin doctors, sociologists participated in the discussion. On behalf oh the authors the report was presented by Dmitry Badovsky, Yekaterina Kurbangaleeva and Alexander Pozhalov.

The meeting participants focused on two main topics of the report: settings of the «municipal filter» when nominating the governor candidates and possibilities of special electoral models usage in national republics.

The majority of experts supported the retention of the «municipal filter», but they also agreed with ISEPRs experts that it should be reduced to 5-7%. In particular, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Political Technologies Boris Makarenko pointed out that «the filter is too high and does not represent the real representation of the parties in local government». During the discussion, proposals were made to simplify the procedure of collection and registration of signatures in support of the candidates for governor seats by deputies and local government heads.

During the debates on special election models in the national republics, experts agreed that usage of the developed models could assist in minimizing political risks when choosing heads of the national republics. Panelists agreed that the possibility of elimination of direct elections of governors complies with the norms of Russian Federation Constitution.

In general, the experts highly appreciated the report presented, highlighting «analytical independence» of the ISEPRs employees and practical importance of the specific solutions outlined in the report.

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