New research project of the ISEPR Foundation «Rating-2016»


Two years prior to the State Duma elections the ISEPR Foundation launches a new research project called «Rating-2016», that analyzes the preparations for the parliamentary election campaign-2016. «Rating-2016» - is a rating of new faces in politics and also the most active (effective) politicians that will try to win in a single mandate electoral districts during the 2016 Duma elections. Or their public reputation and credibility will be crucial for the pre-election positions and success of political parties.

This product has no analogues in the area of public political research. Existing ratings are mainly aimed at analysis of the governors actions or assessment of existing federal politicians and managers as apparatus players and lobbyists.

«Rating-2016» analyses the personal factor of the future parliamentary campaign by revealing potential candidates for single mandate electoral districts, possible leaders of regional groups of party lists and key figures for the federal image of the parties.

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