On August 18-19 Second ‘Berdyaev Readings’ Forum took place in Crimea


The Forum was held at the territory of Massandra Palace of Alexander III. Honored scholars and political scientists participated in the Berdyaev Readings, such as: history professor of Russian philosophy at the Moscow State University Vasily Vanchugov; Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of MSU, Aleksei Kozyrev; senior researcher at the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences Olga Malinova; Chairman of the Department of Russian Philosophy History, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Chernyaev and others.


During the nine-hour Forum many topics were discusses, including the heritage of Russian conservative thought, tendency that shows the return of Russians to traditional values, the ideological foundations of the new «Putin majority», the growth of conservative attitudes in Russia and abroad, the prospects of conservative worldview as a mobilization capacity in Russian politics.


In particular during the session «Conservative thought in Russia: the ideological legacy of the Russian thought and its relevance in the modern conditions in Russia» a lot of issues were discussed including basic values of historical Russian and modern Russian conservatism, Crimean ideological heritage of Russian philosophy, analysis of social groups, that make up «Putin majority», etc.


The session «Return of the Crimea to Russia as a new phase of Russian statehood formation: from the era of decay of the 1980s and 1990s to the consolidation phase» began with discussion of multiethnic and multi-confessional nature of Crimea, the role of Crimean history and the way it is connected with the history of Russian statehood. Also it was stated that the accession of Crimea changes the world order established by Yalta agreements, that every time Russia solves the problems of Crimea, this has a significant impact on the change of international situation and world structure.


«The «world map» was defined once in Crimea - at the end of IIWW leaders of the USSR, the USA and the UK laid a new system of world order in Yalta. After the accession of Crimea to Russian Federation this system has changed again. «Now the world enters a zone of the new high turbulence. And Crimea is very important for us on this world chessboard», pointed out political scientist Oleg Matveychev in an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.


During the session «Modern challenges that conservatism faces: can Russia become a stronghold of traditional values at the turn of an era?» many topics were discussed, including the «politics of memory», problems of incoherence of historical consciousness and broken traditions, and also ways of solving these problems. In addition, the term «sovereignty» and its evolution was discussed.


The final part of the Forum will be held on September 2 in Moscow «Osobnyak 1904» with participation of Crimean researchers and political scientists. Following the results of the Forum (based on the presentations and transcripts of all discussions and speeches) second issue of the Almanac «Notebooks on Conservatism» is to be issued. This publication was initiated by the ISEPR Foundation in the beginning of the year.

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