Summing up the results of the working group activity on reformation of the premium rate for self-employed entrepreneurs


The ISEPR Foundation held a press-conference of the All-Russia Peoples Front on the results of the working group activity on reformation of the premium rate for self-employed entrepreneurs.

The working group was established within the All-Russia Peoples Front to develop proposals to address issues related to the consequences of the premium increase for self-employed entrepreneurs (since January 1, 2013). Representatives of business community, federal ministries and also regional municipal authorities joined the group. Regional working groups were formed in 18 constituent entities of Russia.

Representatives of the leading media took part in press conference. Result of the groups work were presented by co-chairman of Delovaya Rossiya Alexander Galushka, head of the organizing committee for the All-Russia Peoples Front conference Bocharov Andrei Ivanovich, President of OPORA ROSSII Alexander Brechalov.

Experts expressed concern that the number of self-employed entrepreneurs is falling due to the premium increase and told journalists about possible ways of solving the problem. In particular, Aleksander Brechalov told journalists that two main ways to support self-employed entrepreneurs have been elaborated: differentiation of rates and subsidizing premiums for the entrepreneurs.

As one of the ways out of the situation Alexander Galushka also proposed to conduct deshadowing of the countrys economy. «We need to get people out of the shadow, teach them to pay taxes, and after that make a transition to the individual insurance system», said Delovaya Rossiya co-chairman.

In turn, Andrei Bocharov pointed to the need for a transition period to increase payments on pension and health insurance. He expressed «full confidence» that this bill will be adopted in the near future.

At the end of press conference experts outlined the intention to keep using practices of working group both in support of self-employed entrepreneurs and to deal with other social and political problems in the country. According to Bocharov, the effective format of working groups proved to be effective when making decisions so it will be implemented in different areas soon.

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