The All-Russia People’s Front round table discussion on healthcare issues


The All-Russia Peoples Front round table discussion on healthcare issues was held at the Foundations office

On February 21 the All-Russia Peoples Front held a round table discussion on healthcare issues at the Foundations office. The main attention was paid to the plans of optimization of the health facilities network in Russian regions.

The head of the organizing committee on preparation for the constituent congress of the All-Russia Peoples Front Andrei Bocharov, deputy Chairman of the State Duma Lyubov Shvetsova, President of the National Medical Chamber Leonid Roshal, State Duma deputies from the All-Russia Peoples Front, Presidents agents, representatives of the Ministry of Health, trade unions, doctors and patients of the heath facilities took part in the discussion.

Participants of the round table expressed concern about the possible reduction of small hospitals and maternity homes in remote areas and urged the Ministry of Health to consider social responsibility and not economic viability to be the main argument when tackling healthcare issues.

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