The ISEPR Foundation and the Smart Internet Foundation signed a memorandum of cooperation


On November 13, 2014 the Smart Internet Foundation and the Non-profit Foundation - Institute for Socioeconomic and Political Research (the ISEPR Foundation) signed a memorandum of cooperation as part of the RIW 2014 (Russian Internet Week).

The Smart Internet Foundation and the ISEPR Foundation expressed their willingness for cooperation, development and elaboration of joint activities for the development of information and technical relations, promotion of the experience and the information exchange for the implementation of joint projects, exchange of information concerning the Internet development.

In order to execute the memorandum, the parties identified the areas of mutual cooperation:

- exchange of information related to the priorities of Internet development;

- cooperation in development of educational projects online;

- promotion of socially important Internet projects and other network initiatives;

- facilitation for the creation of social Internet projects;

- Joint charitable activities.

Also the parties have agreed on joint development of the .ДЕТИ domain zone. Top-level domain .ДЕТИ aims to promote educational, interesting and safe Internet for underage users and become a platform that unites Russian-language webpages for children and their parents.

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