The ISEPR Foundation has launched a new monthly edition «Historian. Magazine about the relevant past»


The Non-profit Foundation - Institute for Socioeconomic and Political Research (the ISEPR Foundation) initiated a monthly new edition «Historian. Magazine about the relevant past».

Magazines editor in chief Vladimir Rudakov in the interview to Gazeta.Ru said that it was launched to «analyze the countrys past, by applying adequate assessments, and avoiding cliches and stereotypes that are often imposed on us from the outside. We shouldnt kid ourselves: for a long time now the world is fighting not only for the present, but also for the past, not only for the resources, but also for the minds. We shouldnt stand by and wait for the winners to come into town».

The theme of the first issue of the magazine - «The 1905 Revolution. Who and why rocked the boat 110 years ago.»

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