The ISEPR Foundation will prepare monthly news-bulletin Kuranty


Non-profit Foundation - Institute for Socioeconomic and Political Research (the ISEPR Foundation) every month will send a news-bulletin Kuranty to a limited number of officials. It will reflect the current agenda recommended for reviewing. The news-bulletin is marked «for official use only» and will contain a digest of the most remarkable speeches of important political figures and experts, whose opinion is worth noting.


The news-bulletin is aimed at clarifying the current policy and at explaining present-day agenda both in Russia and abroad.

The first issue of Kuranty is already out, it was distributed among vice-governors on domestic policy during the seminar organized by the Presidential Executive Office together with Sberbanks Corporate university. It is planned that private informational and analytical news-bulletin will be sent out to approximately 750 addressees - to the Presidential Executive Office, the Government, The State Duma, the Council of the Federation, regional governors, the Civic Chamber and the All-Russia Peoples Front.

The main topic of the first issue of Kuranty was President of Russia Vladimir Putins speech on Valdai Forum. According to D.V. Badovsky, the Presidents speech is strategic by nature and carries the meaning that should stick in the minds of the representatives of the power vertical.

In addition, expert materials were added to the informational and analytical news-bulletin Kuranty: article The Liberal Delusions that Provoked Putin by Professor of Political Science in Chicago John Mearsheimer, The fight is carried on through the centuries and the West is the arena of this fight by President of the National Strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov, Echoes of Munich-2007 in Sochi-2014 by a researcher at School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris, etc.

December issue of Kuranty will deal with the Presidents Address and most likely the situation in the American town Ferguson.

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