The final part of the Second ‘Berdyaev readings’ Forum was held on September 2


During the final part of the Second Berdyaev readings Forum the following sessions continued to work:

Conservative thought in Russia: the ideological legacy of the Russian thought and its relevance in the modern conditions in Russia;

Modern challenges that conservatism faces: can Russia become a stronghold of traditional values at the turn of an era?;

Return of the Crimea to Russia as a new phase of Russian statehood formation: from the era of decay of the 1980s and 1990s to the consolidation phase, during the session representatives of Crimea expert community could fully integrate into the Russian discourse, by discussing challenges and tasks, related to the integration of Crimea to Russia.

Moscow part of the Forum was attended by Avdeeev Oleg Konstantinovich, Candidate of Philosophiсal Sciences, senior research fellow, Department of the History of Russian Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Baykov Andrei Anatolievich, Candidate of Political Sciences, editor in chief of the International Trends magazine; Vinogradov Mikhail Yurievich, President of the Saint Petersburg Politics Foundation; Guseynov Abdusalam Abdulkerimovich, Ph.D in Philosophy, Director at the Philosophy Institute of the Russian Academy of Science; Diskin Iosif Yevgenievich, Member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation; Kozyrev Aleksey Pavlovich, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Deputy Dean at the Faculty of Philosophy (MSU); Malygin Andrei Vitalievich, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Director General at Crimean republican institution Central Museum of Tauris; Markov Sergey Aleksandrovich, Candidate of Political Sciences, Director at the Institute of political research; Maslin Mikhail Aleksandrovich, PH.D in Philosophy, Head of the Department of the History of Russian Philosophy (MSU); Matveychev Oleg Anatolievich, Candidate of Philosophical sciences, Professor at the Department of Practical Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, NRU «HSE»; Mezhuev Boris Vadimovich, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, editor in chief of the Terra America portal; Minakov Arkadiy Yurievich, Ph.D in history, Director at the Area Science Library of the Voronezh State University; Minchenko Yevgeniy Nikolaevich, Director at the International Institute of Political Expertise; Nikonov Vyacheslav Alekseevich, Ph.D in History, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education; Polyakov Leonid Vladimirovich, Ph.D in Philosophy, Head of the Department of general political science at NRU «HSE»; Remizov Mikhail Vitalievich, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, President of the Institute of national strategy; Fedorov Valeriy Valerievich, Candidate of Political Sciences, Director general at Russian Public Opinion Research Center; Formanchuk Alexander Andreevich, Co-chairman of the Crimean Political Scientists Association; Shirinyants Alexander Andreevich, Ph.D in Political Science, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Head of the Department of Social and Political Doctrines History, Faculty of Political Science (MSU).

The platform of the Readings united young as well as already practicing political scientists, philosophers, historians. The presence of the academic science has given a new quality to both discussion and conclusions. Many participants noted that «Berdyaev Readings» have become a tradition.

Dmitry Badovsky, Chairman of the ISEPR Foundation Board of Directors believes that conservative agenda is relevant worldwide these days. «In Europe so-called Euroscepticism is on the rise. In the USA and other countries of the world we witness a wave of revival of the conservative movement similar to the late 1970s - early 1980s. All of this is a natural reaction to the left-liberal agenda defined today by the US Administration and governments of some other countries.

The Washington expansionist promotion of democracy is the imposition of the dictatorship of the minorities to countries of the world. This dictatorship shows that it is not even a post-Christian system of values, its post-value. When this post-value agenda is imposed on the world as a new standard, the resistance from the conservative, value-oriented agenda is quite natural. Not accidentally the commonplace in the domestic political discourse in France are discussions about Putina leadership as the role model. US conservatives discuss Russia today as a stronghold of political action and political action concept important for all conservatives.»

Dmitriy Badovsky highlighted that conservative agenda is important for Russias own development. «What is conservatism? It is calmness, progressiveness, careful steps and weighing the consequences, their cost. Value-oriented approach to the development of society is a view of society not only through the prism of justice, but also the difference between good and evil. This was said by Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly last year. Approach to social development through these prisms - is what a conservative approach really is, according to the chairman of the board of directors of ISEPR Foundation.

Following the results of the Crimean and Moscow parts of the Second Berdyaev Readings Forum  next issue of the Almanac «Notebooks on conservatism» will be published.

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