The first issue of the Lawmakers Rating got published


The first issue of the Lawmakers Rating based on the results of the Autumn session of the State Duma in 2014 was published. This is a new regular research product of the ISEPR Foundation and  the Center for the Support of Lawmaking affiliated with the ISEPR.

Lawmakers Rating is a quantitative research of State Duma deputies lawmaking, the results of which are published twice a year - after each parliamentary session. Authors research methodology takes into account not only the number of legislative initiatives or passed bills, but also the social significance for the population of the topics of the bills State Duma discusses.

Lawmakers Rating is a part of another of the Foundations regular research project «Rating-2016», in which promising politicians are evaluated with an eye on elections to the State Duma in 2016. As in Rating-2016 participants of the Lawmakers Rating are evaluated simultaneously by the level of their activities (the number of bills introduced to the parliamentary session) and by the degree of effectiveness of their legislative work (the fate of the debated bills that were earlier introduced by State Duma deputies).

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