The launch of projects that received presidential grants has started


On October 21, 2013 the first phase of the presidential grants distribution has started

Almost two thirds (56 of 67) of the projects have already been launched. Only 11 projects from the total number will be given the grant in January 2014 or at a later date. At the same time, the latest start date is May 2014.

The majority of the projects will be implemented within 8-11 months (59 out of 67 projects). Only one project is designed for 2 months, this is the shortest period.

The attention should be drawn to the fact that 55 projects out of 67 that won in the competition are co-financed. The total amount of the funds that are co-financed is over 36 000 000 rubles, which proves that NGOs initiatives are important. Municipalities, banking and investment institutions, research centers, NGOs (partners in the core areas of activity) are among co-investors. Some projects have 4 or more co-investors.

It should be noted that out of 67 applications from the NGOs that won in the competition, only 11 have the experience of receiving grants of the level this high. Lets hope that receiving presidential grants will allow the beginners to get positive experience. Also that the territories where the projects are implemented will successfully resolve important social issues stated in the applications.

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