The new approach in monitoring of Russian President’s Decrees and orders execution


The All-Russia Peoples Front will monitor the process of execution of Russian Presidents decrees and orders using the monitoring center National Inspection. The center will work closely with the Foundation - Institute for Socioeconomic and Political Research (ISEPR Foundation).

According to the head of the ISEPR Foundation Dmitry Badovsky, the system of inaugural decrees  sets the logic of power at least until 2018. «By the way the orders are executed, the work of government and governors will be assessed», he said. «This is why the main task of monitoring is to structure an array of numbers and indicators, related to the specific instructions, to see which ones are implemented worse than others.»

«On the other hand, the problem is that people have to participate in this evaluation. To do this, it is important to make sure that the logic of implementation of these strategic tasks which decrees pronounce is very clear, visual and every person could not only see what is being done and what is not, but also participate in the evaluation», added Badovsky.

For clarity, the ISEPR Foundation created a series of maps of May decrees implementation. Presented analytical maps are a tool to timely get visualized data on implementation of any decree. Selected activities within each decree are grouped by common activities with the preservation of the generality level.

Integration of common areas is further contemplated within each decree in a single map of priority socially important provisions of the May decrees. Such maps will allow citizens to rapidly identify themselves as belonging to a particular target group and evaluate the real benefits from decrees implementation.

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